Municipal / Industrial Waste water Treatment



Each wastewater is different, and this relies not only on the fact that people are different, but also on their different approach toward water consumption.

This becomes particularly true when different industrial processes are concerned. Understanding the complex interaction between production processes and wastewater production requires the relevant competence. And we have it.

We have made experience in the past ten years with different wastewater types, both municipal and industrial, from various production sectors, ranging from food processing to pharmaceutical, from refinery wastewater to electroplating wastewater. The complexity of these wastewater, as well as local discharge requirements, makes giving a “standard” solution just the wrong approach.

Based on this extensive knowledge, we are capable to help our customer to define optimal solutions, which will necessarily be the most technical sound and economic sustainable one.



Our engineering services, in the wastewater sector treatment, encompasses all design phases, from pre-feasibility study to detailed final design. We offer:

  • Plant functional assessment
  • Analysis and study of the treatment process
  • Mass and Energy balance development
  • Development Process Flow Diagram, P&ID
  • Preparation of sketch and details for civil engineering works
  • Preparation of data sheet and detailed specifications for machinery
  • Compilation of Operative Manuals
  • Support during start-up phase

We provide also specific consultancy services, such as:

  • Wastewater statistical analysis and characterisation;
  • On-site lab/pilot testing to grant optimisation of solution;
  • Waste minimisation studies to reduce water consumption;
  • Review of technical documentation;
  • Practical wastewater treatment training courses for WWTP personnel.