Energy efficiency services



The cheapest and most environment-friendly form of energy is the one not used.

In a typical wastewater treatment plant, energy costs represents up to the 40-50% of the total yearly operating costs: so being energy efficient and environmental friendly means save money and become more competitive.

In the effort of maximizing plant efficiency, however, one should not jeopardize wastewater and sludge treatment quality, which for an operator remains the major target. However, an improved and more energy efficient plant usually concurs to a more effective treatment and operation.


We can help and provide support in reducing the specific energy consumption of your plant by:

  • Carrying out preliminary energy check;
  • Developed detailed energy analysis (in accordance to DWA Standards);
  • Developing technical/financial plan to identify priority upgrade measures;
  • Providing engineering/consultancy services until a successful completion.

In our experience, the potential savings are so overwhelming that generally the payback is below 12 months. Contact us for a first assessment for free.

Reference available at request.